Our gateways are the interface between your sensors and the Senomate cloud platform. They’ve been custom designed by Sensee to give you the features and reliability you need to be successful. Our proprietary version of military Dash-7 radio technology gives market leading sensor range while using a minimum amount of power. Connecting to the net via WiFi means easy install and flexibility. Powered by a miniUSB connection (included, or use your own) means you can place it virtually anywhere.


Need your Senomate system to be mobile? Connect via a 3G or 4G modem. Let us know if we can provide you a full quote including the mobile internet connection.


Senomate’s Most Valuable Player – our proprietary sensor design.

Rugged, tough, wireless and battery powered. Scan them into your Senomate account via their unique QR code, give them a name, put them where you need them and forget about it for the next 7 years.

Our market leading battery life and radio range is made possible by our proprietary hardware design. We’ve also built in laboratory-grade precision, external certifications and the ability to recalibrate as needed by your organization’s operational routines.


Want a sensor package that you can sterilize? Want to monitor wet or damp areas? Our sensors are designed to work sealed inside of a disposable bag (kitchen bag or vacuum pack).

Cloud platform

Our cloud platform, based on Microsoft’s Azure environment, assembles your sensor data into intelligence that you can act on. Containing data storage, reporting formats, account information and alarm rules, it drives Senomate’s worldwide 24/7 availability.

You can check on your account via the web, mobile apps or custom API integration. But you can also relax knowing that anytime we notice something is wrong, the system will get ahold of you.

Mobile apps

Since you probably don’t go anywhere without your mobile phone, we made our mobile app the key to interfacing with the Senomate platform. It scans QR codes to make setup a cinch, allows you instant access to both current status and historical reports from anywhere and notifies you of any problems in your kitchen.

We know that you’d rather be running your kitchen than fiddling with technology settings, so we’ve made the Senomate platform as easy as possible, but with powerful business-focussed features.
Easy setup

We made it easy to setup Senomate. Just download our mobile app, scan the QR Code on your gateway and enter your wifi details. You’re ready to go.

IoT as a service –

It’s like software as a service (SaaS) but better, because we send you cool electronics in the mail. It means that you pay Sensee a low fee per month for using the Senomate platform and if there’s ever a problem with sensor or a gateway we send you a new one for no additional cost. Since our business is monitoring things, it means that there’s probably a new device on the way to you by the time there’s a problem.