Sensee’s Senomate platform


Your gateway connects the Senomate platform to the internet via wifi – putting all of your sensors in contact with our cloud system (up to 70 sensors per gateway) Pro tip: don’t have a wired internet connection (or your system moves, like in a food truck)? Connect to the net via a 3 or 4G modem. Let us know, we’ll help you get up and running!


Your sensors are battery powered and last for years. How? We made them from scratch to be the best in the market. Simply place them wherever you want to know the temperature. Pro tip: Need to monitor a wet area or sterilize your sensor for food safety purposes? Put it in a watertight bag – kitchen vacuum sealers work great!


200 meters inside and up to 1500 meters outside – with a sensor battery that lasts for years. No off-the-shelf system could deliver it, so we custom designed our own based on military Dash-7 radio technology. Amazing range, low power, badass encryption.

Cloud system

Access your system from anywhere, anytime. From the web, mobile device or via our API (for the programmers out there) – get access to current status, reports additional health and safety services. But if there’s a problem somewhere, we’ll make sure you know it via a mobile alarm.


Easy start

Are you better with a knife than a keyboard? We made Senomate’s setup steps for you. Download our mobile app, scan the QR Code on your gateway, enter your wifi passcode and then scan the QR codes on your sensors. You’re ready to go.

IoT as a service –

It’s like software as a service (SaaS) but better, because we send you cool electronics in the mail. It means that you pay Sensee a low fee per month for using the Senomate platform and if there’s ever a problem with sensor or a gateway we send you a new one for no additional cost. Since our business is monitoring things, it means that there’s probably a new device on the way to you by the time there’s a problem.

Big organizations too!

Our easy-self-management system is great for independent businesses, but bigger organizations love us too! Our low costs and simple set-up means that your existing staff can get all of your locations up and running quickly, without breaking the budget.

Check out our Custom Solutions page for more information.