About us


Kristian and Thor

The inception

Sensee was started by entrepreneurs like you – we’ve built businesses from the ground up and we know the challenges of being a small organization.

We know that too often needed business tools are priced for organizations that have a bigger scale. 

When we started building an Internet of Things (IoT) solution for temperature monitoring, we looked at the market and realized that there are a lot more people like us than there are big guys. Did you know that 65%+ of the locations that can benefit from automated temperature monitoring belong to companies with less than 20 employees? Even more, over half (53%) belong to companies with less than 9!

We looked around the market and saw that it had a lot of expensive custom-quoted solutions, technician visits and high costs.

So we made Sensee with our needs in mind. Super easy to design your own system, set-up in minutes and low running costs. A simple approach with powerful-business focused features.

All businesses that need to keep things warm or cold get a lot of benefit from automated monitoring – but we think that independent SMB’s stand to benefit even more if they have a solution that fits their needs.

Try us because we’ll save you time, money and reduce your business risks.

Stay for the long term because of the peace of mind we provide.


The team

Danielle Glenn


Previous: 15+ years as a portfolio manager for Goldman Sachs, Caxton ($13bn hedge fund) and as a private investor. Substantial experience across finance, technology, innovation and start-ups.
Education: BA in History & Science from Harvard


Thor Nilsen

Co-founder and Chairman

Previous: Senior management positions with leading companies such as Norgips and Block Watne. Holds directorships in several Norwegian companies.
Education: BSBA University of Denver Colorado, USA.


Kristian Sjøvold

Co-founder and CMO

Previous: Working within the Internet development / digital marketing since 1996. 9 years as a digital marketing consultant. Founding partner of Viamo (purchased by MTGx) and several other high-tech start ups.
Education: Started first Internet company directly after high school.


Jan Fredrik Råknes

Co-founder and CTO

Previous: 20 years international experience as product manager and CTO from telecom, IT security, and mobile application development. Designed and implemented large scale solutions.
Education: B.A. in Economics – Norwegian School of Management.


Alexander Brevig

Director of Hardware Design

Previous: CTO for Attensi. Specializes in AI, Algorithms, data structure, graphics programing, hardware design and code structure. A Core member of Wiring, he has been instrumental in developing the Sketching of hardware process.
Education: NITH, in Norway


Aaron Powers

Director of Strategic Development

Previous: Co-founder of multiple companies attracting total of $150m+ in equity investments, completed 2 listings, 17 M&A processes and has set up sales networks spanning 40+ countries.
Education: American University of Paris


Sensee’s full team extends to an additional 40+ developers, internet marketeers and jacks-of-all trades! We’re hiring! Drop us a line at: contact@sensee.io

The company

Sensee AS is a private Norwegian company located in Asker (close to Oslo).

Founded in 2014, we spent 3 years developing the hardware and software that powers Sensee’s Senomate platform. We’ve been privately funded by our founders, who are committed to creating a disruptive, scalable model for the IoT sector.

Our vision has earned the support of Innovation Norway and we’re proud to create and manufacture in Norway