Sensee Automated Solutions for
Food Safety, Healthcare and Pharma

Smart wireless sensors integrated with software, reporting and analytics
installed in fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

Get Sensee as IoTaaS, SaaS, Setup for your Enterprise or API needs. 

Save time & money

Protect inventory & customers

Simplify regulatory compliance

Increase operational efficiency

5-10% of food can be lost daily due to temperature-related problems. Sensee automatically monitors temperature in real-time, records data to the cloud and displays it in the user dashboard – eliminating manual, mistake prone processes, saving employees time, and giving managers control over food safety.

Protect inventory & customers

Automatic alerts notify users to take corrective action against equipment failures and human error before goods are spoiled – or worse, your customers are exposed to contaminated foods.

Automate regulatory compliance
Food regulations are complex, with mistakes resulting in costly fines or business closure. Sensee simplifies reporting, compliance and analysis, with complete historical & real time data reports downloaded, printed or emailed on demand.
Designed for every enterprise
that handles food
Restaurants, groceries, food service distributors, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, entertainment venues & more.

Easy-to use technology
• Set up and start using in minutes, no IT expertise required
• A complete system – no difficult integrations from multiple vendors
• Fully wireless and works over your existing Wifi network
• 5+ year battery life

Inexpensive monthly pricing
• Large upfront cost transformed into a small monthly cost
• Meets the needs of small and medium sized businesses

Advanced reporting & analysis
• Data from all devices easily accessible in a single, interactive dashboard
• Customize push messages (iOS / Android) and email alerts for temperature deviations
• Give corrective actions to be taken
• Easily print or download reports in Excel or PDF

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